Last night I experienced my first bar pull. That’s funny because my goal was to have a bar pull within like three months or something? Then it just happened last night like nothing. It went like this.

I made plans to meet up with a guy and go to Cielo. I got to meatpacking early looked around a spot or two, saw nothing, so I went to Cielo. Plans to meet up with the guy fall through. This keeps happening. Get into Cielo and start dancing. Earlier in the Bier Garten I had approached a three set of girls who turned out to be awfully boring. I stayed in for a while though and I’m really happy with how I ran it. My one approach out of the way, I could now dance the whole night.

Which I do. For nearly two hours.

Then I take my first break and go out to the smoking area. I’m sitting there, thinking about how much I love New York, when a girl omes over and sits next to me. This is a no brainer, I immediately open. And I start getting physical. She’s drunk and totally into it. We’re making out fifty seconds later. We talk for a while, then I pull her to the dance floor. After just a few minutes she starts talking about how tired she is and how she wants to go home. I suggest we go back and “dance some more” at her place.

We find her friend then go to the subway. Forty-five mintues later we’re at her place. She eats some street food she just bought, I drink a freshly mixed vodka and orange juice. Then we move to the couch and I’m very happy that I always carry a condom in my wallet.


The only thing exceptional about this is just how unexceptional it all was. I hardly did anything, save for be cool and not make any stupid fuckups. And of course she was drunk which made it a lot easier. But alcohol aside, we did actually have a connection. I found her interesting to talk to and funny. We even hooked up again in the morning before I left. Good tims in New York City.

So that’s that. I met a girl at a club, went home with her, and got laid. I feel good about myself and my choosing to go out every night. I feel good about life. The thirty day challenge continues, I’m not even halfway through yet! Hopefully more antics ensue.


-Approaching girls with the mindset of “lets find out if she is cool” is the way to go.
-I have to set a new goal for myself, since I broke the first one so quickly.
-I like getting laid.
-In some situations, just being cool, and not doing anything retarded, is enough to make it happen.