Yesterday I didn’t get much done. Got home at noon from the girls house, fed my roommates cats, then took a nap. My day didn’t even start till four. Had to go out though, laid or not laid, the 30 day challenge must go on. I live in Coney Island, right by the big boardwalk, and I decide to try to find a set to open there. I walk around for half an hour stuck in my head and thinking about food. Finally, I see some girls on a bench. I do probably the worst approach of my life, they stare at me like I have an ice pick jammed into my eye socket, and I leave.

So last night was a right off. Have to make up for it today.


-I like approaching in clubs and bars a lot more than street game.
-Getting a bar pull does not magically make going out 3x easier.
-Getting physical with girls can make up for a lot of awkward silences or other shortcomings in game.