My brain chose to shut down yesterday. I was in LES early, around 6, to print out some stuff for work. Having accomplished that it was time to go to a bar. Walking around LES there are so many cute girls, it’s got to be the best place for day game in NYC. Sadly I was totally trapped in my head and without external motivation, EG someone else to push me on, I was unable to open anything. So I externally motivated myself with a beer.

Then I went to Pianos and had an incredible night. First I talked to a cute girl named Bridget and her friends. Then another girl for a few minutes. Then I talked to two girls from Argentenia for nearly fifteen minutes. After a while I got bored, they weren’t that fun to talk to, and I bounced. Then I started talking to an Irish girl named May. She was fun, and really cute! We talked for half an hour, then her friend showed up and we talked for another half an hour. That’s an hour I spent just with them, it was awesome! Then they left to go get dinner, the rest of the bar was kind of dead and I went home.

Here’s what I did REALLY well yesterday. I stayed in set and I was very physical. Always touching girls on the arm, putting my hand on their back, and so on. I’m really happy with how I did that. I’m going to continue being physical and I expect great results. Improvement? Yesterday was about the best game I’ve ever run so it’s hard to criticize. I guess I just need to keep hammering on myself to approach and get over the fear. Although I really think it would be much easier with a wing man. Still in the market for one. I get a text from a guy every other day and yet they never come out. Silly kids.


-Getting physical is the way to go. I should start doing spinning girls and pulling them into claws more.
-How can I crush this fear in my brain and make it easier to do more approaches when I’m out of state?
-Is there even one other person in NYC going out every night, can we meet up?
-I’m hooked on going out, it’s becoming a lifestyle.
-Have to start leading girls more.