Having broken my old goal far sooner than I expected, it’s time to set a new one. I know of three exclusive clubs around Meatpacking (I’m sure there are more that I don’t know about) and my new goal is to get into one of them. What’s interesting here is that the goal isn’t so much about actually “being” in the club, it’s the process meeting enough people that I eventually get an invite there. Typically at these clubs with the strict door policy you have to know someone, or have some beautiful women on your arms, to get in. So that’s the goal. Meet enough people that I find a way in, or start hooking girls who are gorgeous enough that I can walk right through the front door without being challenged.

Last night was great. I got to Meatpacking and I felt good. I went to Biergarten, almost totally dead. I see two girls talking at the bar and I go up. We end up talking for maybe ten minutes. I didn’t bounce, I stayed in set and it was great. One girl was a stewardess on a yacht. Never even knew that was a thing. The other girl worked with Rachel Ray and said she was very nice off camera. After ten minutes they politely told me to buzz off and I did. Meatpacking was dead, I congratulated myself on getting one approach in, and went home. It’s getting to the point though where having the goal of just one approach a night is starting to seem awfully silly. I’m going to have to step up the game soon.

Also, after I do my first approach, I should embrace the mindset that as soon as I bounce from that set I immediately open the next set of girls I see. That would be a really easy way to gain momentum and stay in state.

Finally, a long term goal. People have said that the first 2,000 approaches don’t count. Fair enough, so let’s get those suckers out of the way! In order to get 2,000 approaches done by December 31st, the math I did on the subway last night indicates I’ll need to go out and approach ten girls every single night. Sounds crazy from my current perspective of one approach a night, but I believe I can do it. I’m capable of making it happen. Going to have to put a bit more pressure on myself.


-First approach done, open another set IMMEDIATELY.
-I’m staying in set way longer, effectively forcing something to happen, or the girls to blow me out, nice work!
-My goal of just one set a night was great to get me going out in the beginning, but it’s going to have to be taken up a notch soon.
-I’m capable of becoming awesome at this.