Here’s what made last night amazing. I was stuck in my head like a mosquito stuck in sap. Go to the Gansevoort and there isn’t one set that doesn’t have a guy attached. I watch a guy pickup a cute girl next to me and start making out with her. Then I go to Biergarten. Self conscious I out on approaching. At this point I’m thinking, shit, am I going to have to sleep on a bench in Manhattan? I won’t go home without doing one approach, so it’s starting to look that way. I go to the Brasskmonkey, all the way up to the top floor, and stare at my cellphone. Then I decide that I’m going to open a set here. No matter what. Fuck the brain, I’m doing this.

I go down to the bottom floor and thrust myself into a set of two girls. They turn out to be Ukrainian, we talk a bit about Ukraine and why I like it better than Russia, then I bounce. I feel 400% better about myself. Suddenly, just like that, my approach anxiety goes way, way down. I go to a bar and open two girls from New Zealand. We talk for maybe ten minutes then I bounce. I talk to a girl waiting in line at a club, she blows me out. I meet up with two guys, open a big set of 8 girls, and we talk until they go into the club. Then, while one of the guys is half-drunkenly fighting with some French dudes, I talk to a girl working at the Standard. The interaction is really smooth and I ask her out on a date for this weekend. Unfortunately Rachel has a boyfriend. Given that I’m in meatpacking three or four nights a week I think I’ll see her again though.

Then we all go to Le Bain, it’s drag night so everyone is dressed crazy. Sick house music, I dance for a while and don’t get home till after 3.


-I’m staying in sets longer, good. I’m being more physical, good. Next, focus on set bouncing. As soon as I leave a set I want to find another one to open within 20 seconds. That should be the easiest way to build momentum.
-I’m ready to start pushing sets harder and get actual, real blowouts where the girl is telling me to get the fuck out.
-The first set is the hardest. Best to just rip the band aid off early.
-Going out sober is awesome! Drinking is cool too, but only once in a while.
I’m a quiet dude. My whole game consists of getting girls to do the talking. I used to be super self conscious about this. Now that I’ve seen it work again and again, I’m much more comfortable with it.