Last night was the craziest party that I’ve been to yet on the 30 day challenge. There was an incredible DJ, lots of lights, and a huge group of fun people. But first I want to start by mentioning how the night began.

I got to the Biergarten and I only saw one set of girls. Thinking back of the 30 minutes of mental anguish I put myself through several nights ago, before I approached and made my life better, I decided to say fuck that. I’m going to approach right the fuck now and just do it. That’s way easier than having to contend with my brain. So I approach and talk to these two girls for about five minutes. Nothing is going to happen, but I feel great about myself. I eject and go to the Brassmonkey. Then I do something that I’ve literally never done before. It sounds trivial but it wasn’t.

I walk up to a single girl standing at the bar, and I open with a statement I find totally amusing and illogical. I say “I’m so happy to see you here!” It’s totally stupid but I think it’s funny as hell and she instantly likes it. We make out in less than a minute. I have her almost convinced to bounce to a new club with me, but she’s with her male coworker and refuses. Instead she tells me to take her number so we can meetup. Alright, I do.

30 Yards away, at Cielo now, I drink my two free cocktails. Then I start dancing. The crowd is this incredibly diverse mix of people, it’s the DJ’s birthday and he’s playing his best songs, and there are lights and fog everywhere. It was amazing! On top of that, I finally dance with a girl. In fact we dance for almost half an hour, and I kiss her a couple of times but she’s not really into that. She just wants to dance. Regardless, I don’t think I’ve ever kissed two girls in one night, so that’s a step up for me.

Eventually I leave, exhausted, and take the mind-numbing train ride back home. Another great night in New York. The more I go out, the more great nights I seem to have.


-Using amusing openers that I find funny is awesome!
-I’m sure I can figure out dance floor game, it can’t be that hard.
-I’m used to going out alone, it’s hard to imagine even going out with a real wing.
-Girls don’t throw acid in your face for talking to them. Approach anxiety is an irrational witch that must be slayed.
-Going out is incredible!