When I started a few weeks ago it used to be just doing the approach was a big deal. That was my main goal, just get into set. Now the emphasis has changed. While I’m still nervous to approach all the time, I can get over the fear well enough and just do it. So with that I’m left with a bit of an empty feeling. I do the approach, then I talk for a while and end up ejecting most of the time. But this isn’t what I need to start making sets go better. I need to stick in there and do a better job expressing myself.

I don’t know if that makes any sense. The thing is I don’t really understand what’s happening myself. I feel sort of lost at sea. Not in a bad way, just in sort of “Well this is interesting” way. Happened to me as a kid once. Me and my dad spent the night on the ocean when the engine to our boat died. That’s how I feel now.┬áRegardless, I’m still really the process. Going out is great fun and I’m making the most of it.


-I’ve gone out with a wingman the last two nights. Even though he’s a really cool guy, I think that I might actually prefer going out alone.
-I need to push sets harder.
-Continue working on voice projection.