Yesterday was interesting. I had a date with a girl who was several magnitudes less attractive than I thought. One of those deals where you see a girl waking around, looking for someone, and you’re like oh my goodness I hope that’s not her. Well it was her. So I got the date over with and I will be much more careful in the future.

Being in Manhattan I decided that even though I had a date I should probably still do an approach. I go to my favorite dive bar. My plan is to drink a beer then go to the Bier Garten and find a set. But there were actually cute girls at the dive bar! Never happened before. I walk up and we talk for about ten minutes. One girl goes to the bathroom, the other stays with me. She’s like how old are you, I’m like twenty-four. She says I don’t believe you, show me your license. I say, if I do and I’m not lying, you have to kiss me. In retrospect I can see that this was a totally retarded thing to say. But at the moment it seemed smart. Well that pretty much ended that set. I’m never saying that again. It seems like something from the movies, I don’t even know. Lesson learned.

I have to say that I’m feeling a lot less fear now. When I first started it was fear of approaching. Then it shifted into the fear that I wouldn’t find a girl, or I wouldn’t have the courage to approach. Now that’s dying, and I’m feeling more balanced and normal. That’s awesome, fuck the irrational fear!


-Asking a girl on a date who you’re not attracted to is stupidity.
-Asking a girl for a kiss is (in most situations) a poor idea. Just take it.
-I’d rather get blown out for trying to kiss a girl then have the set fizzle because I’m too soft.
-I’m really happy I live in New York and can go out every night and have fun.