Another killer night! What made last night so fantastic was that my brain was fucking with me and I overcame it. Don’t go out. You’re not going to have fun. Be nervous. Fuck this. 

Well actually, fuck that thinking. Goal, as always, just talk to one girl. Third night in a row in Meatpacking, I decide to go to the Brass Monkey. I walk in, see two girls chatting at the very end of the bar, walk up and introduce myself. No thinking, no second guessing, no bullshit. They turn out to be Irish and one of the girls is into the same kind of marketing that I do. We talk about that for a while. Then we go to the penthouse club which is the coolest spot I know of in New York. Looking out at the New York skyline, talking with the girl. Her friend goes to the bathroom, we discuss the rules of the drinking game Kings, and then we make out. Here’s where I do something retarded. Immediately after making out, I say

“You’re cute”
She says, “No I’m not. But it’s ok ___.”
“You’re funny” I say.

And I say it because I don’t really think she’s funny, I say it as a way of expressing my surprise that she realizes I don’t really think she’s that cute, and that she would say it aloud like that. She realizes all this and I make myself look like a fucking douche bag. I’m not pissed that I blew it with her, I’m pissed that I ruined the experience. That kept me up for a while.

So that was my night. I opened one set, stayed with them for the whole night, then went home. This is actually really good for me because my past tendency has been to open five sets but bounce in less than a minute. I don’t think many people have gotten laid in less than a minute, I don’t know why I expected that to work for me. So this staying in set is good for me and the results have been awesome so far.


-I’m good at just throwing myself into sets without thinking.
-Never tell a girl she’s funny, directly after making out with her.
-I’m pretty good with logical conversations, but I really need to work on my emotional side.
-The worst part of going out is the 2.5 hours I spend on the train every night.
-Still working on speaking louder and with more intent.