Last night I met up with Jit again. We went to Bier Garten, walked in, and there was one set of girls sitting at a table. Walk up and we start talking. We end up talking for about half an hour, it goes really well. I was being very physical with my girl who was very cute. If I had more game I could have gone for the kiss. As it was I just didn’t quite know how to do it right. Same thing happened with the cute girl from Saturday. So this is obviously a big sticking point. How I can go from being physical to getting the kiss?

And that was that for the night. By the time they left the Bier Garten was empty. Brass Monkey was empty. The Gansevoort was empty. Sunday night at 1:00 am, even in NYC it’s not always insane. Lesson from last night is that I need to find a way to move in for the kiss. However, what I did great with was being very physical and keeping the set going.


-Have to work on going in for the kiss. I suppose I’ll just start cave manning it, then refine my technique along the way.
-I’m starting to get excited about going out every night. It’s fun!
-Life is good.