I’m really proud of myself for what I did last night. I was dancing at the bar and I reached out and grabbed the hands of two girls and tried to get them to dance with me. I know, something so small and insignificant, I was scared to do it. But I did it, they rejected me, and my state instantly shot up. Doing things that I’m scared of doing makes me feel great. I don’t get that same high from approaching easy sets anymore. For example, last night I walked into Bier Garten and immediately approached a two set of girls. It went well, they were really cool, but it felt like no biggie. I approach sets, I’ve been doing it every night for three weeks now, it’s normalized behavior. Trying to get girls to dance with me, that’s scary though because of my conditioned fears and strong fear of looking like a social retard. Or that weird guy.

So all in all last night was great. I really enjoyed it. I enjoy going out. I’m starting to live for it in fact. The daytime is just an excuse to pass time, so that the night can start. I don’t like having to spend two hours on the train every night, but I’m taking that chance to devour Audio books. I’m big into Ryan Holiday right now, wicked dude.


-Time to push my fears and work more on dance floor game. I just have to accept that I’m going to look and feel like a retard for a while, but things will get better.
-I need to be doing more sets. Doing two sets a night results in about one set a week going fantastic. If I did five or six sets a night, that would mean several sets a week would go fantastic.
-If a set is going well, I should focus on moving it, or at least twirling girls and clawing them more.
-I’ve never been more present in my life.