Long sets yesterday, that was great. I get off the subway and talk to a girl for two minutes. Easy way to ease into it. Then I meet up with Jit, we go to Biergarten. Walk up to a girl who is half-drunk. Say hi, and immediately she says, commandingly, “Sit down!” Took me a second to react, no girl has ever said that before. So we do and I end up kissing her. But then she runs off, the group leaves, and that’s that. They leave us two brand new cocktails which we drink.

Another group, we go up and start talking. They turn out to be cool. I try valiantly to kiss my girl, Cathy, but she’s not having any of it. I did try though, many times, so I’m pleased with that. We talk for a long time, then we end up walking with them to a new bar and meeting up with some cool friends of theirs. We play a drinking game for a while and we have fun. It’s nice to be included in the group and not feel like that one guy who is walking around trying to make things happen, while everyone else is in a big group party. Eventually though it’s time to leave and I don’t get home till 3:30. I got Cathy’s number, just like I got Yolenia’s number the night before, but they’re bust. No chance a meetup is happening.

I had a lot of fun though, it was a good night. I might not have gotten the kiss, well the one I wanted, but I spent two hours in set, talked to a bunch of people, was social, and all around had a good time.


-Two nights in a row of going for the kiss with an attractive girl and not having it happen. What can I do better here?
-Need to work on asking less questions, making more statements, and amusing myself more.
-Opening sets is starting to feel really natural. It’s just what I do, I don’t have to think so much anymore.
-I’m being very physical, which is very good.
-Kissing drunk girls is ludicrously easy.
-If I really want to embrace my fears, I need to work on dance floor game.