Last night was an incredible party. This club has a super cool party. I danced a lot, talked to a few girls, and had a wonderful time. I also blew out my ears, they’re still ringing twelve hours later. Next time I’ll have to wear ear plugs.

Before I went to to the club though I was determined to do an approach at another bar. But I didn’t. So I went to a different bar, walked up to some girls, and I think I totally freaked them out. They blew me out instantly. Ok, that happens.

As the end of the month nears, my 30 day challenge is winding down. The flavor of it so far has been just go out, approach, and learn how to have fun in a night club. As I continue to get better at that, the next challenge is going to be to take this to the next level. More approaches, going harder, and pushing myself to the next level. I’m also thinking about going to Ibiza for the entire month of September. Anyone down to hit it up with me?


-I have to get better at dance floor game. I wish I could pay someone to explain it to me.
-More approaches, more serious. I would rather get blown out then have sets die away.
-After I have a good night, the next night is usually tougher to get back into it.
-I’m on the six month plan. Go out every night, people say, and in six months your best approach now will be your average approach then.
-I want to start getting consistent make outs.