I have long term goals for where I’d like to be with pickup. And I’ve come up with some short term goals. Namely be physical, speak louder, stay in set longer, and so on. This weekend’s goal is to kiss girls! So I tried that yesterday. I bought a slice of pizza and this set of girls standing in the pizza place just sort of opened itself. We talked for a while, then I lead the group to a club two blocks away. We couldn’t get in, and this set was just sort of going nowhere. I did see that the girl I liked had dinner-plate pupils though, and I figured there might be some attraction. So I completely cave manned it and tried to kiss her. I ended up scaring the girls away. Content with that, I went to another club and started dancing.

On the dance floor I got the first tiniest hint of how I can improve my dance floor game. Approach a girl to dance immediately, don’t wait. If I make eye contact, however briefly, go up. Discipline that. Tonight I’m going to a sort of big concert and I should have an opportunity to work on this.

Small improvements are starting to add up. I’m trying to book a place for September in Berlin or Stockholm. Go out in Europe, let’s do this.


-Tried kissing three girls in four days, rejected always. Being caveman physical does not solve all problems, some technique is required.
-Dance floor game. This is going to be big, I really, really want to get this down.
-Eye contact is important.
-I might want to consider talking to guys a bit more and making some friends in the club. This might make me feel better about going out alone.
-Small actions, added up, equal big results.