Tommy Trash killed it last night and everyone had a blast. Best of all, I had my most successful dancing experience of my life with a girl. We made eye contact, we started dancing, it was really awesome. Tiny, tiny baby steps towards getting to where I want to be. I approached some other girls, talked some, had some fun. Didn’t get back till like four thirty in the morning. All around excellent night. I’m really starting to get into this whole going out thing. It’s exciting, it’s fun, and I think it’s great.

People say that if you keep approaching, your best approach now, in six months that will be just average. If in six months a night like last night is just average for me, I can’t even imagine what a good night is going to be like. Stick it out, I’m in this for the long term.

I also just booked an Air BNB for all of September in Berlin. I can’t wait to party in famous Berlin clubs! I was seriously considering Ibiza, but based on what some people have said, I think Ill avoid it for now. I know that I love Berlin, house music is my life, and I’m studying German so it all makes sense.


-Dance floor game. I’m at the stage of unconscious incompetence. I must reach the next level.
-Going out is fun, I would be depressed just watching a movie every night or some shit.
-Almost a dozen guys have texted me to go out, of them, only about 20% ever come out.
-Approach, approach, approach.