Last night I got approached! I was the only guy dancing at the club and two girls came up and danced with me. What a world. Then I danced some more, walked around in Manhattan for nearly an hour, took the train home, talked to a girl, failed to get her number even though she obviously was into, felt weird, and fell asleep at 3:30.

Here’s the thing, I need to up my anti. I need to set the goals higher. More approaches, more learning. I need to be doing more and pushing myself harder. I’m getting complacent. Also, I feel like I’m shirking out because I don’t think the work is worth it. For example, I’m thinking well what if I talk to a girl for forty-five minutes then nothing happens. That’s a waste! Which is totally a lie, and it’s literally impossible to know if a set will go good unless I approach. What am I doing, taking the train all the way to Manhattan to think of all the ways a set might flounder? I can do that at fucking home, without the hour train ride. An attitude adjustment is in order. Some guys do more approachs in a few days then I’ve done in a month. I’m not beating myself up, but I’m also not performing at the level that I’m capable of either.


-Keep going out and approaching. Forget about the outcome, just do it.
-Don’t get lazy. You’re not going out to just dance or walk around thinking about girls.
-I’d still like to find a wingman who is serious about going out. I honestly thought it would be easier to find someone who wanted to go out a lot. It’s NYC!
-I’m better at reading body language, and I’m not really sure if that’s helpful or detrimental.