Yesterday something really awesome happened. I met a girl in a bar, and we talked for about forty-five minutes. Then I got her number and left. I texted her my name, she texted back to have a good night, and I replied back. I figured that would be the end of it. Then she texted me again a few hours later. Why is this awesome? Because it means I was attractive enough that she was willing to go out on a limb to engage me again. Why is this awesome? Because in EXACTLY the same circumstances under which I met this girl and talked to her, I’ve met lots of other girls, and none have ever done that. It’s half subjective, half objective reassurance that I’m getting better at this. And I noticed that yesterday too. I was more confident than usual, I had more to say, and I was more relaxed. All in all I was in peak form. A really positive day then.

Just with the goal of talking to a single girl every night, in thirty days I’ve seen marked progress. That’s some awesome stuff right there, and I’m ready to keep it up.


-I’m more confident in night clubs and bars. I feel happier and I enjoy them more.
-I tend to meet pretty interesting girls when I go out.
-I want to open more sets and stay out longer. Progress is addicting.
-I like having a wing man not even to help me run a set, but because he provides some feeling that what I’m doing is not totally socially insane. Which is nice.
-Talking about really cool things that I’ve done, like travelling for almost two years, if it doesn’t come up naturally is a total turn off. Like trying to impress girls with a Rolex. I downplay stuff more now than up-play it.