Last night was fantastic. I’m almost positive it’s the most approaches I ever did. Right into the bar and I opened two girls sitting there. We talked for a while, then the girl took my phone, put her number in it, and texted herself. That was cool, although she sort of turned out to have a turn-off personality. Later I did the thing where you grab a girl’s hand then you twirl her. I’ve never done that before but it went incredibly smooth! Absolutely going to start doing that more, and also try it on the dance floor. Later I opened three girls and I started talking to the cute one. It turned out she does exactly the same kind of online writing I do so we had a lot to talk about. Got denied with the email though (she’s from London) so I felt a little bit disappointed. Really positive night though, looking forward to more like them.

The other big news for me is that I finally found a wingman! Narek is joining me for a 30 day challenge and I’m thrilled. As I’ve said, having a wingman to run sets with isn’t even that important to me, but what is important is having someone to always talk to and who understands when some girls blow me out. The average guy only sees the failure or success, he doesn’t see the process.


-The twirling girls thing, time to practice that.
-Being caveman physical is good, but it’s not the full-out cure that I imagined it would be. There are no magic pills.
-I’m freaking deaf from the clubs. My ears have been ringing for a week straight. This isn’t healthy.
-It’s funny when I get a solid rejection, it doesn’t effect me nearly as much as it once did.