Having a consistent wing man is awesome! Last night I approached about twice as many sets as usual. I met a girl from Oregon who makes cheese for a living, and another woman who was a stewardess and parties all over the world. We compared notes on Bangkok. I couldn’t get out of that smelly, crowded, polluted city fast enough. Her take was that it’s the NYC of the East. So both of these sets, they were going pretty well, but I ejected. In fact the girls were actually surprised and possibly even mildly upset when I left. And here’s where I’m not sure what’s happening. Am I bouncing because I was afraid, because I didn’t want to put the effort in to make something happen, or did I just want to find girls I liked more? Hard to say for sure. But I think the takeaway is that when I’m in set with a girl who I really do like, I have to stick in there indefinitely.

Tonight is Cielo, time to dance! Dance floor game, I need to keep working on this. It’s a big sticking point. I love to dance, and if I could consistently dance with girls at the club I know that I would enjoy going out more.


-Pianos is good every night of the week, I fucking love going out in New York!
-My approach anxiety is down about 700%.
-July 1st is going to mark the start of the sixty day challenge. More antics, more awesome nights, bigger requirements for success.
-Earlier a simple approach was a big deal. Now it’s not so much. What can I do now that’s a big deal, that will mark me for big progress?