I have to figure out what to do when I open a set of three girls. There’s one of me and three of them, I feel like a juggler with one arm. Although I did fail to act on my own advice: focus on the girl I like the most. That’s a start at least.

Last night I opened two different three sets and each time the girls were actually very receptive and seemed to like me, but I literally just sort of collapsed and then ejected. If I knew how to handle that kind of thing better I think I could have made something happened.

Opened two other sets where the girls very politely told me to leave. Ok, my self esteem can take that. So a four set night, nothing stuck. Altogether good though. Going out alone I feel like I’m doing pretty good. Looking forward to tonight!


-Have to figure out how to handle three sets.
-Voice projection was better, keep working on it.
-Have to try my own advice, when in doubt, talk to girl I like the most.