Interesting night out yesterday. Approached a decent number of sets. Some went ok, a couple of them thought I was the weirdest guy in New York I’m sure. Lessons have been learned. What really made it unique was this. Me and my wing man met up with another guy. I quickly judged him to be just another guy, one who probably wasn’t that good with women. Once we got to Cielo we all split up and did our thing. An hour later I watched this guy walk up to a girl and start making out with her in ten seconds. It felt like getting punched in the gut. Here was this guy who my ego perceived as chode like, and he just did in ten seconds what I haven’t been able to do in the last week. It was a strong lesson to ignore my ego, scrutinize first impressions, and to not let my self image get out of check. I still have so, so, so much to learn. To learn it though I’m going to have to keep pushing myself further.

Also, I suspect I’m going to need to stay out longer. I’ve been doing 11-2, but it’s readily becoming apparent that 2 is early. 4 would be great, but 3 would be ok too. Difficult though. Staying out one more hour means sleeping in another hour. 4 hours at the club, 2 hours on the train, that’s 6 hours every day. Serious commitment. How bad do I want it?


-Getting shown up by another guy was unpleasant. That’s a crap reaction though, I want my reaction to be that I’m happy going out works, and to find out what I can learn from him.
-Push myself harder. More sets, more physical, more dance floor approaches. I’m capable of doing it at this point.
-How can I make this more fun?
-Alcohol doesn’t do a lot. Gaming sober is fine, and the rewards are better.
-If I start staying out for four hours every night, how can I make it exciting and interesting?