Last night, girl on the subway platform.

“Hey, I’m ___. Are you going out tonight?”

“No, just getting home from a festival.”

And we talk for ten minutes. Lesson here. Really solid approach, amazing eye contact, but I tried to bail to early! I was just about to say “Nice to meet you” and leave, when she asked me a question, indicating she wanted me to stay around. So we talked a while longer. Then we got off the train, we said goodbye in earnest, and that was that.

I decide to hit the Biergarten, I hadn’t been there yet. Order a beer, ask two girls to the right of me what they’re getting. Get my beer, go open two girls who turn out to be from Toronto. After five minutes they very nicely tell me that they’re not interested. Fair enough. Go to the bathroom, come back up and see a girl standing with two beers. I make fun of her for double fisting and we cheers. Julia turns out to be cool and we talk. Then her friend returns and I’m introduced. Then another friend comes. This is where I fall apart. They were all cool, but I just didn’t know what to do with three girls. I fell apart, got into my head, and ejected. Which leads me to my next point.

In sets, I’m finding myself ignoring the girl I like, and talking to her friends. It’s totally fucking illogical but I’m doing it anyways. That has to stop. I want to focus on this approach: go in and focus almost exclusively on the girl you like. I might get blown out more, but it’s better than just letting sets fade because I’m trying to talk to everyone. Also, I think I’ll be more motivated to stay in set if I’m chatting with the girl that I’d really actually like to be with.

After that set I didn’t really do much else. Friday night in Meatpacking may be a little too crazy. Too many people, twenty person lines at every club. Next weekend I might try going out to a different area.


-In set, focus on the girl I like. Try to isolate. This should be easier to do in three sets.
-Voice tone and projection is better, keep working on it.
-Really solid approaches, going in hard and confident.
-HAVE TO work on not bailing out of sets early. Missing out on opportunities here.
-Congrats on a week of going out every night and approaching, here’s to doing even more!