I had so much fun last night! It was the most in state I’ve ever been in my life. Even though it didn’t last for long, maybe 20 minutes or so, I still really enjoyed it. What a positive difference from the night before, when my party brain flew to Mexico to have fun without me.

What’s great about last night is that I found state from self amusement. Which is good, because the girls didn’t find me amusing. Walk into a place called Pianos, which any NYC guy should know. Bunch of people dancing upstairs. I go in, open a set of two cute girls. They’re dancing and more or less ignore me. I think I could have tried harder to make it work, but I didn’t. 10 minutes later, open a set of blond girls. They look at me like I’ve offered them a free vodka and water that grows between the subway tracks cocktail. Twenty minutes later, a guy comes up and suggests we open some girls dancing in the corner. I go up, open by saying “Hey!” really loud, and they pretty much ignore me. Later on at a different bar I open one last girl, she seems sort of into it, but I totally choke, act awkward, and then she says she has to talk to her friends.

I went home loving life, so happy that I was able to go out and have so much fun, and get the experience of four sets not really working out so good.

Lesson here? I believe I was miscalibrated for Pianos. I was probably too high energy for that hour and situation. If everyone was half drunk, my exuberant opening would have been fine. But it was more mellow and I just looked sort of stupid. So in the future I want to take a second to calibrate my opening to the situation a bit better.


-Next thirty day challenge, my goal will be to stay in set longer.
-Which is not to say I can’t work on that now! I can’t expect anything to ever happen if I don’t stay in sets long enough to let it happen.
-It’s possible to be too high energy and look sort of goofy.
-Going out every night does wonders for slaying approach anxiety.
-Make friends with guys sometimes. The goal is to go out and be social, it doesn’t always have to be with girls.
-Sunday in NYC is a bigger party than Friday where I come from.
-I’d love to find a mentor. A guy better than me to help me out. I’ll bring a good vibe and the willingness to approach. He just needs some knowledge.