Sometime around midnight was the first time I didn’t have to show my ID. Chris, the bouncer at one of my clubs, recognized me and let me right in. I went upstairs and immediately opened two girls. We talked for about ten minutes and I did two things well. First, I focussed on the girl I liked more. Second, I stayed in set and refused to leave. After ten minutes the less attractive friend pulled the other girl away, and that was that.

I go to one of the other penthouse clubs in Meatpacking. Go to the lounge area, open two girls sitting right between two speakers. I have less than spectacular hearing, they’re French and have strong accents, and for ten minutes I engage in a conversation in which I understand half of what they say. Again, I focus more on the girl I like, and I refuse to leave set. For a while at least. Then I start to feel awkward, I say boring stuff that even I don’t want to talk about, and I leave.

Both of these sets I could have probably stuck with longer and made something happen. Regardless, I’m sure as fuck not beating myself up. I gained some valuable experience on a Monday night, a night when most guys are doing anything else but taking an hour train ride to Manhattan and back. So I feel good. Really good. Scary good, I’ve never been this confident in my life. Which leads to my new goal:

I will get a bar pull by the time I leave New York. September 30th. It’s going to happen. I’m going to start going harder and harder and I’m going to make it happen.


-My eye contact is through the roof. With everyone, day or night. It’s incredible.
-Stress levels associated with going out are way down.
-$10 drinks in Manhattan means I game sober 90% of the time. I think this is awesome!
-I feel really good about what I’m doing.
-I need to start leading girls around to generate attraction. New point to focus on.