I don’t know if anyone can relate, but for me it’s fucking surreal to be going out every night and to see myself getting better at this. I’ve dreamed about getting good at pickup for years but I always chose to do something else. Now that I’m going out every night it’s like a shock to the senses. And it feels damn good.

Last night I went to the Bier Garten and there was some kind of film event. Asked two girls what was going on, we talked for a few minutes. Left that set and found another woman, attractive and poised. We talked until her boyfriend came back. Left that, went to the Brassmonkey. Top floor, open two girls talking to each other over a bottle of champagne. They politely tell me that they’re trying to have a private conversation. Go to the Gansevoort, it’s dead. Open nothing. Get a text to meetup with a guy. Leave and start walking towards 7th ave. Along the way there’s a club, people chilling outside. I open a three set and pester them with questions about the club. Leave. Meet up with David, we go to a bar and I meet Maria, who’s from Ecuador, and she teaches me some words of Spanish. Go to Pianos where there’s an amazing party going on, dance for an hour, then head home.

Here’s the takeaway. The good news is that my approaches are getting solid. I’ve never felt less nervous in my life and girls can definitely pick up on that. But still, that doesn’t mean anything if I don’t stay in set. Last night was good, I was in set longer than my average, but it still needs improvement.

Second, dance game. Meeting girls on the dance floor. I don’t do this well. I’ve tried to dance with girls a lot in my life, and 80% of the time they push me away because I’m approaching them in a creepy way. So I have this bad conditioning to not even try because I don’t like it when girls think I’m creepy. Insecurities and all that. But I really need to get this figured out. I wish someone could explain it to me. Can you explain it, if you’re reading this? I know that once I get it figured out, I’ll be able to open SOOO much more on the dance floor. So that’s a big step.

Two major focus points right now are figuring out how dance floor game works, and staying in set longer.


-The guys who are the best dancers are by no means necessarily the best at opening girls on the dance floor and “getting” with them.
-Pianos is awesome!
-Focussing on the girl I like in the set is working out a lot better than trying to talk to all girls. Continue doing this.
-Really looking forward to Cielo on Friday!
-Abundance mindset. There are always more girls. Always, always, always.
-My posture and eye contact are outstanding.