Last night I got exactly what I wanted and it sucked. For the last week my brain has been saying, I just want to watch a movie and not go out. Well, that sort of happened yesterday, and it was a total let down. I was in Manhattan early for a job interview in Tribeca. It went well, thanks to my new levels of confidence, and I got a great paying job with a startup. Or at least a trial job for two weeks, to see if I can handle it.

Feeling great I go hang out in Washington Square Park for a while, then go to my favorite dive bar and have three beers. By this point I don’t really feel like approaching, but obviously my brain is retarded and not to be trusted. I go to Meatpacking, the Gansevoort. Walk in and ask a girl about a live band playing. Turns out she’s Russian and we speak in Russian for a minute. Her friends pull her away. I stand there for a minute, then open a three set of British girls. Talk to one of them for three minutes, then her friends pull her away.

I go home feeling great, watch my movie, and realize I like being at the club better. I’ve gone out 11 days in a row now. Even after just 11 days I’m starting to feel like I have to ramp it up. My two or three approaches every night isn’t going to bring the serious growth I want. I need to be doing five, ten, fifteen, maybe even twenty? I’ll start by focussing on five and see what happens.


-I keep catching girls staring at me. I don’t understand how they can tell that I’m way more confident than normal, but they can.
-Eye contact. Fucking amazing. It’s awesome.
-In a way, three sets may be easier sometimes because I can just isolate one girl while the other two talk.
-My brain doesn’t know what’s best for me.