For a Wednesday night a lot of shit happened. I didn’t go out the last three nights because I was feeling sick. Last summer when I was feeling sick I kept going out and gave myself no rest. I was sick for a month straight. I’ve learned it’s better to just take a few days off so that you don’t remain sick forever. My game plan for the night was to go to a local bar, find some girls, bounce them to a nicer venue. Things did not go according to plan.

Got to the bar at 11 and there were zero sets. Literally nothing. So I go to a common PUA spot. There’s one set, two cute girls sitting down. I stand in the corner for thirty seconds thinking about how I want to get good at this more than I care about rejection or looking silly. I go sit down. The interaction goes very good in the first few minutes, my girl is impressed by my boldness, but it peters out by minute five. I cannot say what I did wrong, I have no idea. I would need someone more advanced to tell me.

Nothing else there, I bounce to the next spot. Inside I walk past two cute girls sitting down at the end of the bar. I keep walking, get to the back. Nothing. Those two cute girls are the only ones. I decide to open them. I’m walking towards them when I think what would it be like if I really and truly didn’t give a fuck how this goes? Whether people stare, whether they reject me, whether I close or not. It was a very liberating feeling. It was a glimpse of the next level where I don’t care on an even deeper level. That’s what’s going to make it easier to open everywhere. For now though, the set goes well but the girls have drinks for their friends and they take them over to the table. It’s a big group and I lose my girl to it. She liked me though and I think I could have gotten her to stay. Next time, lesson learned.

Go to my club, get swept right in. Coat check girl knows my initials. Inside I open a French girl, bounce after two minutes because her English is not good. Go upstairs and a cool guy opens me. We end up talking for ten minutes. He’s naturally good at meeting women and he’s telling me about how he opens on the subway and in nightclubs. Everything he says resonates with me. I show him a picture of the Israeli girl I pulled on Friday. He asks me for my number and says we should go out sometime. I’m down, he’s a cool guy.

Downstairs I dance for a minute then open a cute girl standing behind me. We talk for a while, dance a bit. What I did really well was continue to engage her. Over and over, I never gave up on the conversation. Plowing I think some people call it. At some point though I feel like I’m trying too hard and I back off. I feel like I’m building this bridge of conversation and she’s just walking across it, she’s not helping me build it. From everything that I read, the next level will be me backing off some and getting her to chase me more. It will be me not feeling like I’m pursuing the girl so damn hard. That’s what I felt I was doing with this girl. I manage to do my best game and I get as far as brushing lips with her but she never kisses me back. So what I do next is interesting. I already have her number, I’ve talked to her for twenty minutes, I’ve established a lot of commonalities and shown her I’m going to kiss her. So when this short guy comes in and grabs my girl, I let him take her. At this point I’m fulling willing to lose this girl because I’m going to learn several things.

1. Have I built enough of a bubble that she will blow off this guy after a few minutes and come back to me?

2. Is this a random pickup dude or does she know him?

3. Will she pick this short, unattractive guy over tall, attractive me?

In this particular situation I was interested in filling in some gaps of my knowledge by letting this guy take the girl and finding out the answers. Here’s the results.

1. No.

2. Pickup dude.

3. Sort of. In the end she blew him off but by then my chances were dead too.

Interesting.. I regret nothing. It was a learning experience. As I’m going through all of this in my head I feel someone rustle my hair. Turn around and it’s the girl I met a few weeks ago. I see her every Wednesday. Turns out she’s there that much because she co-hosts a table. She takes me over and introduces me to the guy who hosts the entire Wednesday night party. I learn his name which could be great to know if I ever can’t get in. I should note that this girl took me over for introductions because I was obviously having a great time. Dancing, smiling, being open. I genuinely enjoy this club so I usually have a pretty decent time there, regardless of the pickup results.

That was basically the night. I put in two very solid hours of solo work and I’m proud of that. I learned some great lessons and had a fantastic time. I met a cool natural and the host of the Wednesday night party. I also watched some guys who were succeeding on hitting on the hottest girls and took note of what they did. All in all a very solid night which I topped off by opening a girl on the subway platform. She was OK, turns out we had no chemistry. That’s fine, I’m most proud of myself for just opening. That was some grade A action taking!


*I noticed myself feeling like I deserve / am capable of being with better looking girls. Pulling that Israeli girl really flipped some switches in my mind. She was awesome to talk to, tall, cute. Hands down the cutest girl I’ve spent a night with yet. That’s showing me what I’m capable of and I really, really like it. Here’s to cuter girls in the future!