Hit up one of the ubiquitous house music clubs in Williamsburg last night. When I walked in the crowd was maximum funky and I thought it was gay night. Shittttt I’m not going to find any sets I thought. But it turned out alright. It wasn’t gay night, it was just the DJ’s birthday and he had attracted an eclectic bunch of people. The party actually turned out to be awesome. He spun vinyl the whole night, the crowd was dancing, it was a great show. These parties are so much fun and yet the girls are not good. Compared to bottle service clubs where people often seem to be having no fun but the girls are great.

I talked to a German lady for a while. We discussed the finer points of Berghain, the legendary Berlin night club that I got rejected from 8 or 10 times and felt way, way more horrible about than any rejection from any girl ever. Then I said a few words to another lady. Then I danced for half an hour until I saw a tall, skinny, attractive blonde woman come in. She was with her girlfriend and her girlfriend’s boyfriend. I opened it, why the fuck not What is game if not doing awesome shit that would make the average homo sapien’s heart rate skyrocket.

My open was loud, direct, unafraid. It was very good, I got her to start talking to me. But I started asking too many questions and and got blown out. Shame, but lesson learned. Even if I feel nervous I can still make a very conscious point to make statements and express myself, don’t slip into the trap of asking loads of questions.

That was it, I left after that. It was a casual, relaxed Sunday. Just a few sets to keep the social vibes flowing. Tonight I’ll do a few more sets in LES then Tuesday the real work begins when the week begins in earnest. I’ve decided to do a full thirty day challenge for April. Going out every night, no exception. Should be awesome, should be glorious. Here’s to progress!