Going to combine two into one. Saturday night out for 4 hours in Koh Samui, beers with the guys. Loads of girls. Sunday night, laidback party with 4 French girls, our neighbors. Interesting vibe.

Saturday night, talking to all the girls. Took me a minute to get into it, had to warm up, the usual. Tried to kiss a Swedish girl, she deflected. OK, maybe misread that. Mostly I felt the impotence of lacking logistics. The party area of Koh Samui is a 40 minute drive, by taxi, from our house. I’ve talked about this before, I’m very confident that my shortcoming in game is that I’m not closing well enough. And with bad logistics I’m especially bad. But could this also just be a state of mind, something deeper? We here stories about guys pulling with no logistics? I promise that whatever my weaknesses are in this area, I’m staring closely at them.

In other news, tough part of going out in Thailand is that, foreigners aside, you don’t know when you approach an Asian woman whether she will be a lady boy (realistically small chance) or a prostitute (realistically, not a super small chance). We bitched about this inconvenience.

Now, party with the French girls, just got back from it. Interesting to see the dynamics of female/male attraction. I would have had sex with any of those girls and the preference between them was not that great. For them, all the attention focused on our Czech friend who looks like a model, illustrating the concept that girls would rather share a winner than have their own “mediocre” guy. In terms of evolution it makes sense.

Here’s the thing though, at the party I was just enjoying myself. I was not thinking about all the girls being into my Czech friend, I was not questioning my masculinity, I was not obsessing with the “power balance” or any bullshit. I was just sitting there, drinking the wine, feeling good. Compare that to my other buddy (not a virgin, this is a guy who is ob-fucking-sessed with pickup and has slept with 80+ girls), who had healthy interest in talking about good looking guys, how they capture attention, how we were getting less attention than him, how the vibe was playing out, etc. He wanted to put reality into words.

And that’s just it, if pressed I could read the situation just as well as him, I could obsess over why Czech guy got it all and I didn’t. But I did not want to do that. I do not want to think in these ways. I strive, fucking strive, to accept situations, to roll with it, to be fluid. Like a guy dribbling, he doesn’t think he does. Maybe he dribbles well, maybe he messes up, but he just does it. He doesn’t think about the angle of his fucking hand as he hits the ball.

This gets close to the deeper level of game that I believe exists. A level of extreme self-acceptance, self-love, self-belief. A level where you are the attraction, you don’t assume you have to do anything to generate attraction in the girl, you just feel it in the air. Man, this is hard for me to define because I’m describing something that I don’t embody yet. I’m trying to describe what it’s like to drive a car when I’ve never gotten behind the wheel. But I’ve seen pictures of people driving cars, videos of people driving, read what people have written about it. I have some clues, I’m studying to get my license right now.

All in all, a fucking exciting two days. Just a fun reminder of what girls are like. I have zero expectations right now, in terms of women. I’m 100% focused on building my brand, I’m releasing a YouTube video every day, crushing it in lifestyle which, long-term, will 10x my ability to effortlessly crush it with women. In terms of that party, what would I change? Nothing, my buddy was simply the more attractive man in a game where winner takes all. That’s fine, I will seek to learn from my Czech friend and I’ll appreciate that I was able to enjoy the party without overthinking it.