Last night was Williamsburg, two different venues. The best thing I did was pushing it hard. I opened sets the whole night and stayed out three hours. That was great. I feel like I made the best of a night where I wasn’t in that killer-instinct state of mind. That being said, I could have done some things better.

To Do Better

*I never tried to lead. Some conversations that were otherwise good failed to go great because I never took action. I let them grow old and die instead of keeping them fresh. That sucked.

*I didn’t go for the makeout. I count three sets from last night where I could have gone for it. Not saying the girl would have been down but I could have at least tried.

*I pushed myself with opening the whole night but didn’t push myself in terms of ability. I did lots of things I’m comfortable doing and have a high success rate doing, but didn’t do anything more tricky that I’ll probably fuck up. But that’s the only way to learn! I’ve got to do those tricky things otherwise I’ll grow at a snail’s pace. With some discipline I’ll bet I can learn three times more lessons in a given amount of time than I did last night. Got to push it, have to have that crush-it mentality.

*I may take a week to do nothing but solo game. I fully realize that I’m less effective when I’m solo and so doing so may affect my short term results in the negative. However, I think that long term it will give me a massive, massive boost. I cannot find a consistent, good wingman to go out with. Right now I have a wingman who is a great guy but he’s new and can’t hold a set for more than a minute or two. This often hurts the set and can result in it going worse than if I went in solo. Hell, even if it takes me a month to get good at going out solo that’s fine. Short term loss for a massive long term gain.