One of those nights of grinding it the fuck out without a lot of results to show for it (although my criteria for what constitutes good results has gone up considerably). I enjoyed the night, it was good. My only concern on a night like this is that I’m not taking the correct action. I did a lot, I opened 30 sets or so, but was I doing it with the right mindset? Obviously something was off. It’s hard to say what, but if I could figure it out I would have accomplished more.

Best set of the night: I opened three girls and one of them turned out to be very attractive. I was just able to keep my shit together with her and I’m proud that I was able to move her to a secluded area. She was wide eyed and liked me but I went for the makeout at the wrong moment. There was a brief window, I missed it, I tried for it after that window and she rejected it. Damn. A lesson like that teaches you to go for it during the correct window. Sharpens the senses and hones the mind.

I casually open another two dozen sets or so..

I honestly don’t know what you can say about them except that I did them. I did my damn best to stay upbeat and keep the vibe of I’m awesome and I’m having fun. It’s not always easy. Reality will throw a lot of shit at your face which goes against those two beliefs, and it’s up to you to make the good vibe win out. I’m getting better at this.

I was with my Chicago wingman who is a blast. He chided me for not befriending more door people and he’s right to do so. I haven’t done it because it’s outside my comfort zone. Like anything though, just have to push past it. Through him I was introduced to the door guy Jay who I’ve seen twenty or thirty times but never spoken to.

By 2am I was more destroyed than the Japanese Navy at the end of WWII. I opened a few sets where girls flat out rejected me. When that starts to happen I throw in the towel and call it a night. Said goodbye to my wingman, he’s going back to Chicago. Took the train home doing the same thing as usual: thinking about game.


*Crushed it with talking to everyone tonight. Opened so many sets. The results were not exceptional, but I think the overarching lesson is to let go. Stop seeking an outcome, generate your own happiness. Fail to do so and you’ll get steamrolled.

*Merged one set and as usual the girls loved it.

*There must be some insecurity buried in my psyche that holds me back from talking to door guys (in general) and making friends. Wonder why I feel like this? What experience in my life is responsible for this?

*I feel awesome. I went out and left a part of my soul out there. I pushed past my comfort zone limits and acted in ways that I expect to bring me long term success. And did that shit sipping on water, surrounded by drunk people.

*There was a girl last night who was instantly into me. We got right into each others faces and my wingman accurately pointed out that there was a quick window for a makeout, after having talked for 20 or 30 seconds. I didn’t go for it, but a few minutes later she reopened me, put her arms around me, got in my face and was grabbing my butt. When something like this happens my natural inclination is to write it off and say something like:

She acts this way with every guy. I’m just the next person. I’ve done nothing to deserve this.”

You know, she probably doesn’t act that way with every guy.. Also, by that logic I should be thinking the same way every time a girl blows me off. But I don’t, instead I think:

My game wasn’t good enough. Weak approach, not enough eye contact, bad tonality.”

Insanity. I write off the success and own the failure. Should be the other way around.