Took a girl home last night. I started fingering her and didn’t stop till I noticed the blood everywhere. My blanket, my sheets, my hand. It looked like scene from Dexter. Didn’t really make sense, she wasn’t on her period and she wasn’t a virgin. She told me she hasn’t had sex in two or three years though, maybe that was it. This girl was swaying on the border of what I’ll accept to sleep with. I pulled the trigger on it because she was really sweet and it was a layup. She actually pulled me.

Me and my wingman approached her and her friend on the sidewalk. Talked for a while then I suggested we start walking. My goal was to move towards their place. However, all my girl told me was the street name not the neighborhood. I guessed which direction and I guessed wrong. So we ended up walking 10 minutes in one direction then turning around and coming back the same way. It was no biggie but it was a fuckup on my part, next time I have to be clearer on where they live so we hit it right. After a while it started to rain hard and I suggest that we get a taxi. I said,

Me and my friend will take it with you. Make sure you get there.”

That’s when we find out my buddy’s girl has a boyfriend and that’s a no go. My girl comes up to me and says,

Will you take me home?”

I’d like to” I reply “But it sounds like your friends boyfriend wouldn’t be too keen on us coming over.”

No, take me to your place..”

I do have some awesome wine that we could open up.”

But I don’t want any wine…” She says with a smile while looking into my eyes.

Fairly hard to fuck that up. Call an Uber, go home, destroy my sheets, get a well executed blowjob and then try to get some sleep. She left this morning after we swapped Venmo information. She says dry cleaning takes out blood and she’ll pay for it. I’m skeptical my bedding will ever be the same but we’ll see.

Other Sets

All around a glorious night. Opened Googles of girls and had a blast. Hit on girls at the bar and girls in the street. Most sets went well, it was a reinforcement of the belief that I’m awesome. This is an important point of my progress right now, inculcating this belief and manifesting it at the club consistently. Often what holds me back is not a lack of technical knowledge but a good headspace. If I can slip into that sweet spot I can crush it.