I’m fucking awesome and girls love me, that’s my frame and I look at every interaction through it. Combine that with the mindset of It’s all for the reference experience and there’s no way I can lose. Girl tells me to fuck off? Reference experience. Girl gives me a blowjob in the bathroom? Girls love me!

Last night I went out in Williamsburg. The biggest fuckup of the night is that I only stayed out 90 minutes. I walked home past packed bars, massive groups of people and laughing groups of girls. It hurt my soul a bit, and yet for going out solo I did really, really fucking good. I opened twelve or fourteen sets and a majority of them went very well. I had a very cute girl (above my paygrade as far as I’m concerned) laughing and physically escalating on me. I had another girl escalating on me. I had a girl completely fucking ignore her boyfriend to keep talking to me. She didn’t even reply when he came in and said in a supplicating tone:

Talk to me instead babe.”

Also a super cute bottle girl kept putting her arm around me, but we’ll write that one off as her being a good bottle service girl who understands that the more she flirts the more money she makes.

To make last night more awesome and more epic what I really needed to do was reapproach. I opened about a dozen sets and three of them went very well. The one girl I mentioned had a boyfriend, but the other two girls didn’t and they were both into me and in both situations the friends were being cool and never tried to pull the girl away. I was on the verge of reappraoching the cutest girl of the night but then another guy swooped in to talk to her so I didn’t. In general though this is my next big thing: I want to approach a bunch of sets and then start reapproaching them. I don’t give a fuck whether I get laid or not, I just want to do it to gain the reference experience.


*New York is shrinking. Saturday night I randomly ran into a guy I knew while in line at the bar. Last night I was walking out of my house as soon as I crossed the street I ran into some guy I knew from back in October. He was going to the same club as me so we walked there together. If I keep this up in six months or a year it will be impossible for me to go out and not see someone I know every night.

*My game is morphing into me having fun, doing crazy shit, making the night epic and then being able to sense the right moment to pull. Right now I’m having a fucking blast approaching everything, it’s a glorious challenge that makes me feel awesome.

*I stay out 2x to 3x longer and approach twice as much when I have a wingman. But on the other hand I don’t mind doing solo because every time it seems like I approach a little bit more and stay out a little bit longer. Probably in six months or a year I’ll easily be having entire four or five hour sessions while solo.

*The one girl who was most into me, I should have gotten her number. I think that even in 5 minutes I’m able to convey that I’m attractive enough that a girl will go on a date with me. Or at the very least I can use that number to find her again in the night. In general though I need to get more numbers.