Had a fucking blast last night. Approached all, lead all, kicked ass. Met up with a really cool wingman who is going to go far in game. I know you’re reading this man, we’ll see each other at the top. He hit me up through my blog and I encourage anyone else to do the same.  Go to my about page and send me a message, I literally reply to every single one. Now, to the night.

Super Cute Girl

She was the cutest girl I’ve made out with in a long time. Possibly all year? I don’t know, it’s not really that important. What matters is I did the right thing by going for the makeout. Then I did the right thing again by leading her downstairs. However, I did a fucking weak lead. I was unsure of myself and didn’t own it. She and her friend actually followed me and my wingman downstairs but I blew it by leading so weak. She instantly knew I wasn’t the type of guy she’s accustomed to fucking and the set was over. It’s a 180 flip from this night when I was drunk, didn’t give a fuck and led a girl out of the bar after three minutes and tried to get her into a taxi to go home with me. After three fucking minutes and she almost did it because I was leading so hard. That was a Schwarzenegger lead and last night was a Woody Allen lead. That can make all the difference.

Korean Girl

Saw this cute Asian girl sitting down, using her phone. Went up, said hi, asked her to move over so I could sit next to her. We talked for a while and it was very good. I led her around and she liked me. However, I hesitated going for the kiss. I missed the fucking window and although I eventually tried to kiss her it was too late. Which leads us to the idea of…

The Window

There is this fucking window for you (the male) to make things happen with the girl. Whether that’s the makeout or the pull. What makes this window so fucking tricky is that it’s different for every girl, and I’m sure it’s different for the same girl depending on her situation. So for example, I mentioned last night I missed the window to go for the makeout with my girl. The window happened from about 5 to 10 minutes in the interaction, she was down for it then. After that it was too late, go home and jerk off homie. With this Asian girl the window happened about 3 minutes deep. If there was ever a moment when she would kiss me, that was it.

The window can be fucking fleeting too! It can last seconds, or if the girl is really into you it may last hours or longer. It’s tricky because getting it right depends on reading the situation and that only happens after you’ve fucked up about a billion times. It’s some really next level stuff for me because I can see how effectively reading the window will allow me to get multiple makeouts a night and pull with significantly more consistency.

The Troll

This happened two nights ago but I thought I’d share it because I find it interesting. I was in set with my girl and her two friends when some guys busted in with some over the top, lame pickup shit that made him and his two henchmen look like retards. My girls quickly blew them out then we all had a laugh. Still, I’m always excited to see guys going out and trying shit, even if it’s horrible and dorky. Later I was walking past their group and got a bit social.

Hey guys, are you into some pickup stuff?” I ask the ringleader.

Yeah, OMG how did you know!”

Lucky guess, I suppose. What company are you with? Do you know there are a bunch of other guys at the bar here?” I say.

No fucking way, are there really! I can’t believe it!”

At this point I realize that I’m being trolled by this guy. If this were a movie I’d have some brilliant comeback that would blow them all away. This is not a movie. My brain does not work that way. It takes me longer to come up with witty comebacks then it did for the dinosaurs to go extinct. I bring this up because it shows that you don’t have to be super witty or quick on your feet to succeed at pickup, and you also don’t have to judge yourself harshly because you don’t live up to the “Hollywood Ideal” of a suave, comedic guy.

I stood there for ten seconds looking like Mac at the end of Cuckoos Nest (post lobotomy), looked this guy in the eyes without saying anything, then walked away. I couldn’t think of a damn thing to say, the irony of course being that ten minutes earlier me and my girls were all making fun of him for how weird he was.

Point being, there will always be people who are better at you at things that you think might matter, like being better at trolling people or having quick comebacks, but it doesn’t really matter. I could speak like a retard and I would blow that guy out of the water because I’m not trying to be something I’m not, I’m owning who I am.


This is the most important thing ever. My entire focus in game right now is fine tuning my ability to identify the aforementioned window, and to be the best motherfucker at leading in the world.