Had a blast last night, I don’t think two and a half hours has ever gone so fast. I got to the bar alone and opened a few sets. I was talking to this cute girl when my wingman showed up. Said hi to him, kept talking to the girl. After a while me and cute girl started making out. I suggested we go outside, she followed. I suggested we walk around the block, she followed. Earlier I had asked her what her favorite bar by her house is, she told me. I suggested we grab an Uber and go for a drink there. She liked me but she had to work. I was persistent but it wasn’t happening. Got her number, set up a date for Saturday, in Williamsburg, close to her place. We’ll see what happens.

Met up with my wingman again, we opened a bunch of sets. I ended up on the dance floor, a girl bumped into me and we started dancing. I started kissing her neck and ear. Then she spun around and we started making out. Craziest shit, we spent ten minutes together and never said a word. Just danced. I felt like a king, just having amazing fun, girls feeling that and being drawn in. I loved it! The girl ended up walking away which was no biggie. Although… I should be aware that having unending fun is great, but actually talking to the girl is necessary haha.

I opened a stunning woman on the street and she responded well. I was instantly in my head though, it was super funny.

Me: “Hey, hows your night going!?”

Her: “Great, how about yours?”

Fucking amazing. I love Halloween, so many people being crazy.”

Yeah, it’s pretty fun.”

So, hows your night…” Fuck me, I just asked her that. I walk away…

Funny shit. Next time I’ll do better though. Hot girls are just girls. It’s the same stuff, be outgoing, be confident, be present and having fun. A girl responds to this whether she’s amazing or less than perfect.


*I’m fucking amazing, girls love me.