Some laidback electro for your listening pleasure. Tonight I approached a lot and enjoyed myself. Also had a bunch of wingmen show up which was fun. I used to dread the Tuesday spot and now I look forward to it. In terms of sets not much was sticking. Girls would open but then drift away. Whatever “it” is, I lacked it. I feel like the less than ideal reactions in the first half the night got to me and caused me to go weak during the second half the night. I was consciously aware of this and did my best to shake everything off and put on my game face, but I didn’t really fully succeed.

One set worth mentioning, cute girl who liked my shenanigans. Responded well to my physicality. We were supposed to play beer pong against her and her friend but that didn’t work out. I saw her later, reopened but she was sitting at the bar and it was awkward talking to her. That eventually died. What I should have done is tried to move her to a better place to talk. Always be leading, I should have this tattooed on my wrist.

After an hour and a while we decide to leave. I can confidently say that we burned that place to the ground and 80% or more of the girls got opened. Then we went on the street and started walking towards home. My wingman is about to go his direction when I say,

Come on, last set. Let’s talk to them.”

We walk up to a couple of girls smoking outside and introduce ourselves. Conversation gets going and I find out my girl is from Rockland county. I tell her I know one person from there and he turned out to be an opiate addict. I ask her if she does pills and make a joke about the imaginary tract marks on her arm. My girl just laughs but her friend does not like this. She gets closer, starts waving a cigarette in my face and saying that I need to walk away.

No thanks, I think I’ll stay.” I calmly reply.

Oh, that’s great.” She says. “My best friend is in the NYPD and he’ll love to hear about this. Where’s my cellphone?” She starts searching her bag for it.

This is a moment to conquer fear and be thankful we live in America. I don’t react, I don’t move, I stay calm. I turn to my wingman and start talking. We chat for two minutes, say goodbye, and then I walk away. Meanwhile the whole time the girl was standing two feet away from me being irrational. I guess the funniest part of this is that her friend started chatting with me right before I left. She probably realizes Mrs. NYPD is a drama queen and that I’m a cool guy who may have been a touch out of line but is fine. My only regret is that I wasn’t able to hold my frame even better. I’d love to be at the point where I could easily laugh this off and then flip the set over to my side. That would be some real gangster stuff.

Go to the train and open a tall cute girl on the platform. She’s from Germany, really nice. We sit next to each other on the train and chat for 15 minutes. I ask her when she’s free, grab her number and tell her we’ll meet up this weekend. When I text her after she’s gotten off the train she enthusiastically hits me right back, always a good sign.


*By my standards tonight was sub-par, but the awesome thing is that a sub-par night now is equal to a great night about 6 or 8 months ago. I can see consistent progress in my game and it’s very encouraging.

*No matter what else is happening, I can consciously control my posture and eye contact. Even if everything else is going wrong I can always make sure that these things are on point.

*I’ve said that I need to tone down the polarity and talking about track marks definitely qualifies for that. But then again, my girl was totally cool with it, the friend is the one who flipped. I wonder, if I was talking to the crazy friend, would my intuition have stopped me from saying something like that? Who knows.

*Some real gangster shit would have been getting off the train with that girl and saying I’d walk her home. Then getting there and getting myself invited up. And so on.. That would be some next level glory type stuff and I know it’s possible. The future is bright.