Early night but I got a lot done. Went out at 10 because my roommate was throwing a party. I had no inclination to join so I took the train to Meatpacking. Figured I’d try to get into this high end club since it was early. Three dudes dressed like Canadian tourists got denied but I got whisked right in. Dress right and this happens. Inside I go full chode and sit in an armchair and look at Instagram. The night before was so intense that I’m ready to relax. But some girl opens me, I end up talking to her boyfriend who is a cool ex-marine. They leave. I open another two set of girls who turn out to be from Serbia. We vibe for fifteen minutes. At one point I even say Ok, I’m leaving but then I just brush that off and stay for another 10 minutes. This girl was physically escalating on me and I could have been more physically aggressive. I should have held it to the point where it was more sexual, versus friendzone. I actually was hesitating a bit because the friend was right there. This would have been an ideal set to have a wingman..

Bounce and go to another bar. My buddy usually has a table, but this time he has to work the door. So he gives me a drink ticket and a Jack n Coke is the only thing I drink all night. I open some sets, not much sticks. I keep trying though. I’m doing this all solo but I’m not even thinking about it. It’s not a big deal. I’m dancing, turn around and grab a girl’s hand. Spin her. Grind with her. Turn her around and we makeout. Dance more, makeout more. She’s really into me and I don’t see friends anywhere. Instantly I’m thinking pull, pull, pull. Then she says I’ve got something to tell you. I actually work here and I have to get back to work. I tell her I’m friends with my promoter buddy, she knows him and we have a commonality now. I grab her number and she leaves.

I end up opening another three sets here, but that wasn’t what was exciting. The best part was getting to watch a guy fucking crush it (I want to say a natural, but who the fuck knows, some guys learn game). He was running amazing game, making out with the cutest girl there and getting her to escalate on him which was the most impressive thing to me. He was also backwards grinding on her friend, making her laugh. Two minutes later and another girl was fucking molesting him, trying in vain to get a makeout. He’s living a life where he’s fucking annoyed by all the 7s trying to get his attention. He was having fun, doing funny dance moves, holding a great frame, and in general dominating. One thing I noticed is that he did take aways. When talking to the girl he would turn away, or walk away several feet, then come back. In general his attitude was “I’ve got so many options with girls that I don’t care about this one.” I watched him for ten minutes. It’s fairly rare to meet a guy with real, awesome game and it’s beautiful to see.

I tear myself away from this spectacle and find my promoter buddy. I ask him about bringing girls out with me. He gives me the rundown and in three minutes succinctly lays out the path that I could take to making money and even hosting my own table. Based on what he said it sounds like I could reach that point in several months. I’m going to have to hustle hard though. The problem is not the connections, he’s hooked the hell up and willing to show me the ropes. The problem now is: how can I get enough game and meet enough women that I can consistently get 4 to 5 cool, attractive women to come out with me? If I can do that I can make $50 to $100 a night and / or have my own table. That’s the goal. Let’s make it happen.

Five minutes of advice from my promoter buddy ends, he has work to do. I rub his bald head, he flicks me off, then I bounce back to the club and open three or five sets. I fucking love this place on the weekend. It’s easily one of my favorite parties. Not much happens though. Mostly I dance and get ignored by girls that I open. I leave after an hour. I absolutely could have stayed longer and pushed it harder. But I already pushed it pretty hard for me. I was out for four hours. I approached all night alone and sober. I made out with a girl and got her number. I creepily watched a guy run amazing game for ten minutes.

Just one day left in my current challenge, which is to stick in sets and refuse to leave. I give myself a C+ grade on it. Could have done better, but I can easily remember a dozen sets from this week where I did excellent. I don’t even remember what my new challenge for next week will be. Something excellent, and obviously I’ll continue my refuse to leave set challenge. I’m stacking challenge till my last week before Christmas is amazing.