We were standing inside the fountain at Washington Square Park, at 4am, talking about game when he pointed her out. Who’s that? He asked. I glanced over then said Probably a 60 year old Asian lady. Go find out he told me. So I did. It’s 4am and the park is empty. To open this without freaking the girl out I should be indirect. I walk up and ask her Do you know how to get to Union Square? I’m new to the city. She has no idea but she dos have an accent, which I use to find out she’s from Spain. She’s nice and we end up walking around the block. I listen to her and compliment her on her English. Then she tells me she has to leave, she has to go back to the park. But she also tells me it was amazing talking to me and it was so nice to have someone listen. She tells me she feels like her grandfather sent me to her. Not quite. The truth is that I was sent to talk to her by the guy with the best game that I’ve ever hung out with.

We met at the inner circle meetup. These meetups consist of a bunch of guys who don’t have any game, theorizing about game. You can tell which guys actually have game because they say the least and listen the most. It’s an excellent opportunity to learn how to not pickup women. This guy though, he said about 50 words to me and I knew he was good. When I left I got his number. He hit me up yesterday and we agreed to meetup. Before that happened though, I met up with Tommy and we opened a set of two Spanish girls at 13 Step. Despite staying in this set for nearly half an hour, it led nowhere. It was a brilliant example of how much I need to learn.

I open the set and it starts off great. They’re interested and physically escalating on me. They’re asking me questions. However, as the minutes drag on it starts to fizzle down. The energy starts to leak out. I try speaking more with great tonality. That doesn’t work. I try asking questions, I get nothing. I try moving the girl, she won’t move. I fucking know this set had loads of potential, they were down for an adventure with a cool guy. But I couldn’t be that cool guy. I did well staying in set, but I failed to take it anywhere. It’s frustrating when that happens because at some point I get invested in the girl and then I have to admit it’s going nowhere. Maybe that’s the root of the problem, too much investment. How would I have acted if I didn’t give a shit where it went? I probably would have been funnier, more physical and more outgoing. I also would have also teased more. I’m really not good at this. When I tease girls I tend to do it too late, and it often comes off as me being a straight up cunt, not cocky-funny. So after 30 minutes we leave that set.

Open another two girls sitting at the bar. I make a joke about suicide bombers which burns the set down. They are not amused and they told me to GTFO. That being said, while they were telling me that I’m not funny and I need to leave, I noticed that it barely affected me. I was almost, almost able to keep a good vibes frame and honestly not care. Almost. There was still 10% of me that was affected.

There’s not much else at 13 Step. We go to a bar near Union Square. Then, since we’re already halfway there, we go to Meatpacking. Tommy bitches out on opening some girls in Gaslight. We bounce and I open some girls waiting for an Uber. They were going to a high end club. They liked me and we could have definitely hopped into the Uber and gone with them but I’m fairly certain they would try to charge us $40 cover and there’s no way I’m paying that. They leave.

We go to Brassmonkey and my wingman opens a set. I stand on the dancefloor and pretend to be happy, and then he comes in. With minimal words he grabs me and we open a set. Then another. I still don’t know what to make of all this. I’ve never gone out with this guy before and I don’t know how good he is. It takes me about 5 minutes to realize he’s very good. Then, as we’re walking back across Manhattan, back to 13 Step, I realize he’s excellent. In fact the biggest lesson is that I’m being a fucking pussy about learning game. My five nights a week looks like dog shit compared to how much this guy has gone out and crushed it. Day game, night game, four hours of sleep and repeat. I realize the action most men take pales in comparison to the action I take, and the action I take pales in comparison to the action he takes. He’s a year younger than me and so many levels above me that there’s no point comparing. Age doesn’t matter in game, only experience.

We get to 13 Step, he opens a set and I end up making out with the cuter girl. However, some French dudes keep stealing her from me. I do nothing to stop this. He points out my fuckup with this example. Imagine that there’s a bunch of 7 year old kids playing in the street. You don’t think about who’s more important or who has more power, you go up to them and tell them to get the fuck out of the street. That’s what you need to do with other guys. They haven’t earned the right to the girl, you have. Don’t let it happen again.

A lesson like this is powerful because it’s something that would take me months to figure out and internalize, but 15 minutes with an advanced guy and I understand it.

However, makeout aside I begin to fuckup the set. I’m simply not sure of how to handle it. I can easily manage the low hanging fruit set where it’s a lone girl and logistics are good and I pull her. But this one has two guys fighting for my girl, she won’t leave her friend, and time is dragging on. I’m in way over my head. He steals the girl from me, says ridiculous shit to her, makes out with her and seeds an easy pull while staring into my skull and showing me how it’s done. Then he leaves the girls, we go to Washington Square Park and he tells me stories for 45 minutes. At the zenith of this oratory display, he points out the girl walking by herself.  I open her, we chat, I find out she’s a prostitute and we’re right back at the beginning of the report. Here are my notes.

– When a girl asks me where I live I sometimes joke that I live in a box on the street. This is fucking retarded. I’m never saying this again. I don’t have enough value for it to be funny. It just comes off lame. So why the fuck has it taken me this long to realize it never gets me a good result! I’ve been fucking this up so many times and not correcting my behavior. This is unacceptable. In all situations I should be learning lessons quickly and not making the same bullshit mistakes over and over.

– I will not let another guy take away my girl. He has not earned the right. He has not gone through the soul crushing nights of feeling like a sub-human, leaving the club at 3am with your tail between your legs. I’ve endured that and I deserve the girl. He can fuck off and find another one.

– I will verbally sexually escalate on a girl. So what else are we doing later, besides having kids? Or whatever else. I need to start doing this.

– I will create a pull plan with my wings. We are going out to pull, not to dick around. He put it this way: What is the result if you take off all your clothes and go outside? You’ll be cold. 100% chance of it. There are guys who have this mentality when it comes to pulling. They’re going out, there will be girls, they will pull. Every single time. If they go out four nights in a week they’ll pull three of those nights. That’s a winning mentality. I don’t have that sharp belief. I’m soft. I don’t want to remain soft. I will not remain soft.

– Even if I never meet up with this guy again, I’ve learned the valuable lesson that I’m only doing about 20% of what I’m capable of. I’m dicking around and wasting valuable time. Go harder, push it further, and I will get better faster.