Hadn’t been out in a week before last night. All things considered it went well. Me and my wingman hit up a couple of different spots around Manhattan. I did OK but he was fucking crushing it. Girls loved him and he did some very ballsy thing. Example, picking up a very cute girl who was making out with a guy and trying to carry her away. Later on, sucking on a Russian girl’s tits outside of the bathroom of Brass Monkey. So a fun night, let’s look at the lessons to be had.

First Girl of the Night

Arguably the largest conundrum I’m solving is when to go physical and be aggressive, and when to lay back and be more indirect. I’ve gotten blown out dozens (hundreds?) of times by doing both and I’m definitely getting better at identifying the correct response, but I’m still not there yet. So I met a girl and it was going very well. She was cute, her friends were leaving us alone, we were separated from the group. I could tell she liked me and would probably leave with me. However, I never pulled the trigger. I didn’t try to lead her out of the bar and I didn’t go for the makeout. I lost the set.

What were the signs though? How can I correctly identify this situation in the future? A bunch of things. The friends didn’t interfere, they even encouraged us being together. This typically means the friends want the girl to get laid and they won’t judge her for making out in front of them. The girl was getting close to me and wasn’t leaning away as I moved in closer, good sign she was ready to make out. We separated ourselves from the group and she didn’t attempt to go back to the friends, she was ready to follow me. I’m certain this could have been a pull if I had handled it better. Next time I will go for the makeout and the pull.

Girl Who Thought I Was Cute

At the final bar of the night I met a girl who was quickly into me. She told me that I was cute and started touching me. However, her and her friend were about to go to the bathroom or some shit, I don’t even know. I told her to stay with me and she almost, almost did but ended up going with the friends instead. If I could redo this I would ask where they were going in the club and then walk with them there.

Other Lessons

Honestly those are really the only two sets that stood out. I opened another dozen girls or so but they hardly even register at this point. I think that the only thing to do is give myself props. I didn’t pull, I didn’t makeout with any girls, but I also can’t control that. All I can control is my approaching and persistence. I did very good with both of those.

In other news, this month I’ve got a place with good logistics but next month I’m moving to motherfucking Meatpacking. If I don’t pull at least once a week once I’m there I’ll be severely disappointed.