At Starbucks I noticed that the girl in front of me was attractive and exceptionally unusual.

“Is that a Blackberry?” I ask. “I had no idea that they still make those!”

Yeah, I’m the one person with one left.” She said.

We chatted for a few minutes, I got her number as they were giving us our coffees and then we left together. Few more minutes of chatting on the sidewalk then we went our separate ways. In my mind this interaction was really fucking solid. The vibe was great. However, I texted her about two hours later and she never replied. Few thoughts,

  • Even though we vibed well, it may have been too friendly, I might not have been coming across as a potential guy to sleep with.
  • At the very end there was two god damn seconds where it was a bit awkward. Are two seconds of awkward enough to outweigh seven minutes of solid vibing? My natural inclination is to say yes. Perhaps it’s fair to say the interaction is only as strong as its weakest link.
  • My text to her may have been too long, too much investment.

That happened before work. After work I wanted to go home and do even more work. I was already at Union Square though so I couldn’t pass it up. Talked to a cute Russian lady who was sullen and blew me off. I took this 0% personally, she just wasn’t feeling social. I ran after a very cute tall Asian woman and scared her on the open. We talked for a while but I could see she wanted to get away. The question is if I plowed more would I have changed it? I’m not sure. Also, helped a cute Russian girl with directions but didn’t keep talking to her. That was silly. I guess I was assuming she wouldn’t want to talk to me, but if that’s the case she can always tell me to leave.

Overall I feel fantastic about what I achieved. I’m normally petrified of doing solo daygame but today I did it, kicked some ass and had fun. If this is now, I can only imagine what six months is going to be like.