Learning game is learning how to not ruin a set. Example. Last night I’m talking to a girl and it’s going good. 15 minutes deep, we have a lot in common so there’s lots to talk about. We’re sitting at the bar and she’s getting closer and closer to me. Then I fuck up.

Her: “I work four jobs.”

Me: “You know working as an escort and a prostitute doesn’t count as two separate jobs”

Yeah, no. Fell flatter than a skydiver without a parachute. Her reply “do you want me to punch you in the nuts?”

So this is the thing, I hear about making sexual jokes and negging a girl and all this and I want to try it. So I say something like that and it comes out horrible and she turns away from me and gives me the cold shoulder. One of those situations where in retrospect it’s obvious I should have never said this, but in the moment it wasn’t obvious. Just like I’ve learned from firsthand experience that negging finance girls about being in finance is terrible and negging someone about where they live doesn’t work so well. I’m extrapolating the trend here that negs that hit home on a deep level; they suck. They’re too harsh and I sometimes get outright, no chance of survival, blown out. Better to stick with fluffier stuff like “you have Barbie girl hair” or “you look like you watched That’s So Raven growing up”.

Anyways.. I say that bullshit, she withdraws all attention and leaves me high and dry. I feel butthurt for about 30 seconds, then my brain switches. Ok, blew this set, which girl is getting opened next? My mentality is geared towards abundance. Maybe not abundance of getting laid, but certainly an abundance of there are always more girls to talk to. Funny enough, I don’t have to. literally sit there for three minutes just twirling my beer and looking off into space. Then I make a statement to her and it’s back on. We talk for another ten minutes and it’s smooth. She gets the bill and every single bar tender hits on her because they’re massive cunts at this bar. Finally, after she has all sorts of number scribbled on receipt paper, I drag her out into the arctic air and we make out, all the while her friend talks to my wingman.

From my wingman’s perspective the best game I ran was what I said to get the makeout. From my perspective I’m 10x happier with how I handled that fuckup with the miscalibrated bullshit I said. I didn’t try to get her back or explain myself or anything. I said zero, jackshit, nothing. I waited and thought about which girl I would open next. Then when I chose to speak to her again I was back to not caring and she was eager to keep talking. That’s what I mean when I’m developing my first tiny hints of real game.


-This girl is from Chicago and told me that they have cool boat parties in the summer. That sounds like fun!

-My wingman said it’s super, super easy to pull in Finland and the girls are amazing. Fun trip idea for next summer?

-Even on a Monday night in a non-club area we were able to find a set that lasted an hour. There’s always a reason to go out, no excuses.

-I want to tease girls. I think it’s fun and it works great. The problem is I usually go way too hard on it. It’s not light and flirty, it’s more like I’m a bully trying to destroy her self esteem. I have to find a way to take it down seven notches and keep it fluffier.

-It’s fantastic to go out with a wingman who understands game and who doesn’t have to wake up early in the morning. That’s an ideal combo.

-I think that in about 3-4 months I’m going to start going out solo more. If I can find an awesome wingman with good game I prefer that. But otherwise I’d rather go out alone and make friends at the club. Still though, not fully ready for that. I think another 90 – 120 days of wingman game are necessary to get me there.