There has never been a person more proud of himself than I was last night for getting out and doing a single approach. My wingman bailed, I didn’t get out of work till 11pm, I was tired, I just wanted to go home and watch some new PU content. But I said fuck that, got on the train, got to Meatpacking, bitched out for ten minutes, then got my shit together and talked to an Asian girl named Tiffany. It’s loco how fast I switch over. As soon as I approached I was out of my head, energized, and my normal, funny, outgoing self. The set went fine but I wasn’t attracted enough to her to pursue.

Feeling 300% better I tried to get into Le Bain, failed, and went home and watched PUA videos for three hours, taking detailed notes. Thanks to those concepts I’m going to get accelerated growth as I continue to get better at pickup. I’ll still have to work very hard and put in the hours, but I’ll be able to leverage my effort to achieve more than I would have otherwise.

In other news I just got my first fulltime paycheck from my job. $2,500 for 15 days of work. In 2 weeks I literally just earned one-quarter of what I earned for all of 2015. Life is crazy like that, and I got this job because I set clear goals, got lucky, and always, always, always push my comfort zone.


-One approach and I snap into state like a junkie snaps into life when the heroin hits his veins.
-Finding wingmen who consistently want to go out Sun – Wed continually proves tough. Could it be you?
-I’m psyched for Thurs and Fri night, I’m going to do so many sets.
-Have to see if my wingwoman wants to go out this weekend.