I had great ONS sex last night. I also tried having bathroom sex but failed. I’ll get to that but here’s how it starts. Meet up with my wingman and we go to Brassmonkey. Walk in and open instantly Three girls, two guys. I suppose a 5 person mixed set would have scared me stiff a few months ago, but the thing is, when you just open without thinking your brain doesn’t have time to get scared.

So we talk for a while and I’m being outgoing, confident, and I’m dead sober too! For me it’s really awesome knowing that I can still be awesome even without beer. The whole set is going really well, they’re very cool people. At some point I eject with the excuse of finding my wingman. I find him, then I go back and tell everyone we should go to Le Bain. Since Le Bain is awesome and I totally believe in it and it’s just around the corner, it’s an easy sell. We all get there, get in because all three girls are attractive, and then we’re up to the 18th floor.

Here’s where I make a mistake. The girl I’m into is blonde, tall, attractive, fun to talk to, and tired. She keeps talking about how she wants to back to her hotel. Instead of sticking to her like Velcro, going back to her hotel and having hot crazy sex, I leave the group as soon as we get inside. Pure retardation. Ultimately I think it comes from me thinking I didn’t deserve this girl or she was too attractive for me. Which is shit because I’m fucking amazing. Regardless, I never see her again.

I go upstairs, force my wingman to approach because he was being a little bitch. Narek, are you reading this? Man up homie! Which he did eventually but the girls were both unattractive, boring to talk to, and zero percent chance for a pull. I eject after five minutes. I go downstairs and dance for a while before deciding it’s time to approach. First good set I’m going in, I promise myself. I’ve walked twelve steps when I stop to look around and a girl walks up to me and says “Hello. How are you?”

This happens once in a blue moon and it used to totally freak me out. I always thought girls who opened me were prostitutes. But then I saw Todd’s video about female “PUAs” which basically comes down to just getting a girl to approach a guy. So you gotta figure there’s some girls with the tenacity to do so, especially after some gin and tonics. I say “Hey, how are you?” Then I pull her to the couch to talk. Then to the dance floor and we start making out. Then upstairs and back down. Leading, leading, leading. Then finally to a secluded spot where we make out hard and it gets very serious. Then I say “Let’s go to the bathroom”.

And we do. And I’m nervous as shit because I really, really, really don’t want to get banned from this club. But it works out, and I pull her into a stall and instantly she takes off her clothes and I do the same. But I’m literally so nervous I can’t maintain a boner, even after a great blowjob. Five minutes we’re forced to give up and I figure she must hate me. But assumptions are for fools. We keep talking, I keep leading, and then finally she takes me to her friends and says to them (without asking me) we’re going back to his place.

And we do. And in my own bedroom my dick works fine and we have great sex. Then a shitty night of sleep followed by morning sex. Then I walked her to the subway and that was it. Worth every penny of the $27 taxi ride. I guess if there is one big lesson to learn it’s that if a girl approaches you, just go with it. It doesn’t happen often, but if it does she probably likes you and the set will probably run itself.


-I have some sort of weird insecurity about tall girls and feeling like I’m not good enough for them. Gotta get over that.
-Some girls will do bathroom sex, it really does happen.
-To really get the vibe up, pull to a secluded spot in the club where few people can see what’s happening.
-If you can train your brain to approach instantly you can get rid of so many of the feelings of anxiety.
-Good ONS sex is not to be taken for granted.
-My game has gotten noticeably better after about four and a half months of going out nightly.