Last night was casual. We didn’t stay out very long which was fine with me. I got almost no sleep the night before and the bar was also unusually dead. Notable sets include two girls who I opened at McDonalds who I probably should have kept talking to instead of ejecting. They were giving me ambiguous signs and so I left. But ultimately I should remember that at any time a girl can say “Please leave” or “we don’t feel like talking”. If she doesn’t say something like that, she’s probably interested to see where it will go.

At the bar I opened a three set of girls and started talking to the blonde one. After three minutes it was blown but I refused to leave. I kept talking at her and I felt awkward as fucking hell but I stuck it out. Deal with the negative emotions, take a bath in them and come out better on the other side. And that was basically the night. Monday, New York was unusually dead and I was unusually tired. Fun times.


-Running out of things to say is way, way, way less of a problem now.
-Approaching is fun and easy, whether it’s at the pizza place or on the dance floor.
-Finding people who are dedicated to going out every night is harder than it ought to be.