I’m very happy with progress in game right now. First, the fear of running out of things to say is almost gone. This is huge for me because it’s been a big sticking point and insecurity since I’ve started talking to girls. Getting that off my chest is a huge relief. Next, I can see the point happening in the next month or two where I’m starting to makeout with girls perhaps not every night, but probably something like 5 nights of the week. I almost had enough chemistry with a cute girl last night for one, and I definitely could have made out with an Irish girl at Le Bain but she wasn’t cute enough.

Last night I also got to meet up with Francisco which was cool. He’s committed to game like me and he knows what he’s doing. Around 11:30 I was waiting for him at Brassmonkey, opened a set in the meantime and it was going well. We’d never met before but he was able to find me, start winging the girl, and play this all off as normal. Which it pretty much is if you go out a lot. We both knew what to say and do in a situation like this and we both got the girls numbers.

Then we went to Le Bain, opened tons of sets but nothing stuck. Cutest girls of the night were all 20 with fake IDs. Unfortunately they didn’t seem like they were down for much of anything, not even dancing. Other than that there wasn’t much else. Another night out in a sea of many. Once the anxiety related to going out dies down game is 10x more enjoyable.


-I’ve enjoyed tremendous success at Le Bain and never even gotten so much as a makeout at Pianos, despite going to Le Bain fewer times. Is this just random or is there a reason?
-Talking to girls is genuinely enjoyable, especially when I’m screening her to see if she lives up to my standards.
-New York City is the sickest ever.
-I’m continuing to focus on moving sets smoothly and also collecting numbers like Mario collects gold coins.
-The book¬†The Rational Male¬†must be read. Can’t say this enough times.