We went to one of my favorite clubs to see if it was open. It wasn’t, but they have a rooftop lounge that we took the elevator to. Almost dead, but there’s an Asian girl on her phone and I start talking to her. Then I move her outside and we look out at the Jersey skyline. Francisco bounces because literally the only other girl in the whole place isn’t any fun. I bounce too when my girls meets up with a friend and it’s obvious I won’t be getting any attention. I get her number though. The ten minute interaction we had was solid and maybe there’s a chance she’ll be down to meet up tomorrow.

Other than that I open some street sets but nothing goes far. However, it was interesting to see myself in a set with two attractive women. I could objectively watch myself acting weird, unnatural and nervous. Getting over that will just take practice and more reference experience.

That was the night. Meatpacking has 300% less people in it compared to summer. We got denied from another club and there was nothing else. Tonight is Brooklyn though. A house club and maybe this new club I just found. Thursdays are popular and there will be lots of girls to enjoy.


-I’m not really anxious about going out anymore. Instead, I’m anxious that there won’t be enough sets to open. What an awesome change!
-The main door guy at this one club seems impenetrable to friendship. I wish there was a way to change that.
-Going out every night is so much fun!