Last night I had some beers and some rums with my buddy in Williamsburg. Cool guy who totally doesn’t get pickup. We go out, I get blown out from a set and he laughs at me or says I’m not doing it right. It’s whatever though. You can’t fault a person for not understanding something they know nothing about. A few sets deep I open a cute girl sitting by herself, talk for 20 seconds, then grab my buddy by the coat, physically drag him into the set and walk away. He talks to her for 15 minutes and all is good. That’s called offering value. He’s never going to open a set but if I do it and get him in there he’s appreciative.

At the moment though I’m actually feeling disillusioned¬†with pickup. Six one night stands so far and none of them I’ve gotten to see again. I never thought I would say it but that’s kind of depressing. I’m putting in all this work and it would be great to be able to get a girl to hook up with and just to get to know a bit. Obviously the first thing that comes to mind is I’m a bad lay and they don’t want to hook up again. But the thing is I’ve given shitty sex to girls I’ve met through my social circle and we always hook up again. So I think it’s more than just the sex. Some reason these girls just don’t tend to want to see me again. Like this Australian girl I hooked up with a few days ago. I gave her my number and she never texted me back. Annoying! What aspect of my character or my approach to game can I change so that this doesn’t happen?

So that’s where I’m at. It would be great to hook up with a girl and then continue to see her, that would make me happy. Hopefully that happens in the future, not much else I can say about it.


-Not sure if I’m in a low spot right now or just hungover. Maybe a bit of both.
-Going out with none community guys can be annoying mostly because they don’t understand you have to go through some rejections before you get success.
-I like offering value and getting my friends into sets.