Yesterday was sick! So many lessons learned and beliefs enforced. It started out with me checking my email and getting this message:

What’s up man?

I’m a 22 year old¬†living in NYC. Been going out to high end nightclubs since I was 17. Built a bunch of connects and I’d like to leverage them now by becoming a promoter. The problem is that it’s hard to start a business by meeting girls in the club because they already have promoters. Bars and other places rarely have girls that are on a scale of 8-10.

I have no problem with approaching girls at night, but opening during the day has been tough for me. Would you be interested in day gaming with me? The plan is to meet really hot girls around Soho and union square and then take them out at night. I can get you into a bunch of places no problem. And who knows, maybe we’ll end up partnering as promoters haha.

Let me know! 

So obviously I did let him know, we exchanged numbers and agreed to meet up in Williamsburg that night. The whole day I had been feeling hungover and shitty, and I was thinking maybe I would just stay an hour then go home. False. I get to Freeport, get in and immediately open a few sets. Dozens of nights out have taught me that the single best way to start the night is to just open immediately. I used to have to force myself to do that but now it comes fairly natural.

I meet up with the guy, we talk about the intricacies of promoting for a while, then we decide to open. We’re walking towards the outdoor area when I see two girls. Just walking past I grab one of their hands and say “Let’s go, let’s go outside! Come one, come one! Let’s go!” and I keep a firm hold on her hand and just start walking. She follows us outside. I’ve seen Tyler do stuff like this but I’ve never done it myself. Well, it works and it’s not that hard. Outside we talk for a while, then I notice the conversation is starting to die. Immediately I think, how can I hype this up? So I grab the girl and pick her up a few times. Instantly everything is good again. We go inside, she stops, turns around to look at me, and we start making out. Then I move her around we make out some more, and finally her friends steal her from me after I get her number.

What I really liked about this set is that it went so well because of everything I’ve been learning in the last few months. Hyping up the situation and pulling the girl in a few seconds. Conversation dying? Spike it with physicality. Girl detaches herself from her friends automatically, she wants to makeout. Game isn’t mystical, it’s about recognizing all of these subtle things and acting upon them.

The rest of the night we talked to a bunch more girls but nothing really happened for me. I left earlier than I should have and I didn’t give a fuck. I wanted to sleep and my ears are still fucked from the music. Another solid night out.


-Hype up the destination and pull the girl. I’m going to do this more.
-I saw opportunities for even more makeouts yesterday if I could have maneuvered things a bit better.
-I wish all clubs had good bathrooms to pull to.
-Get into the club, don’t wait, open! One of the best rules that I have for myself.
-Having wingman who speak Russian is awfully damn convenient.