Here’s the deal with last night. It was great and I’ve never found it easier to open solo in my life. I got to the club and by the time my friend arrived an hour later I had already opened about six sets. Here’s the other thing about last night, I was subtly out of it. Girls were not responding to me. They were rejecting something in me that I don’t quite understand. I felt good, I was in a good state, I wasn’t that nervous. Something was just off about me and the girls could feel it. Subtle shit that I don’t understand at my current level.

Regardless, I opened a bunch of girls and got some good reference experience. My strategy with game (and life) is pretty much if it scares me, do it. So far the results of this have been excellent. I don’t have girls blowing up my phone yet, but that point is definitely in the foreseeable future. One thing I’d definitely like to work on is approaching hotter girls and gaining access to better venues. I’m pretty much done with LES. Fuck that shit, I’ve gone there two dozen times and every time the girls are low quality. Time to find better places to pimp it.


-Opening solo is a lot easier than it used to be.
-My best nights are the ones where I can get my brain to do the work for me: see a girl, approach. No conscious thought necessary.
-I should be getting one number a night at least. Preferably more.
-How do guys go out for a whole night and not approach women? That sounds boring as hell to me.