Last night I got into The Boom Boom Room. I’ve wanted to go there for months but I never had the chance. It’s difficult to get into it and I always had some impression you had to know people to get in. Not last night. Going out solo I walk into Biergarten, right past a rather unattractive girl. I question whether I should have opened her but before I can turn around I see three women sitting down and I’m in without thinking about it. I open by asking if they like Macklemore, and then I start singing one of his songs as best I can. Chicks love this, a guy who isn’t afraid to sing and act goofy as hell. It turns out they’re all Dutch though and they have no idea who he is.

Since they’re Dutch, and my ex-girlfriend was Dutch, there’s plenty to talk about. One of the things with never running out of things to say is this. Yes, what Tyler says about talking about anything, that’s certainly applicable. You can walk up to a girl and talk about mushrooms. But it’s hard to keep that conversation going for 15 minutes. Having a huge lifetime bank of experience is the ticket to relating to people. So with these Dutch girls we can all relate our expeirences in Berlin and Cambodia and how we all like Vietnam more than Thailand.

Here’s the really weird thing though. The cutest one is asking me about how long I’ve been in NYC and I’m trying to explain it to her and for some reason I lie and say that I went to NYU. I must have been trying to impress her or was scared she wouldn’t like me if I said where I really graduated from. This is really odd for me, I very, very, very rarely lie about stuff like that. So I’ve been thinking about that and it’s really not such a huge deal, it’s just something I never want to do again.

We talk for nearly half an hour then I suggest we go to Le Bain and they agree. Only when we get up there Le Bain is closing. There’s a private event in the Boom Boom Room and initially the doorman says go home. But then he takes a closer look and sees three good looking Dutch girls with just one guy, me, who is well dressed and confident. And he lets us in. And I’m thrilled because I’ve finally gotten into the Boom Boom Room and then to put the cherry on top the Dutch girls buy me a $10 beer. What a life. Experiences like this are why game is fun as hell!


-No need to lie about anything. I’m awesome whether I graduated from NYU or not.
-The Boom Boom Room is cool but I think Le Bain is a lot more fun to party in.
-Moving girls is a lot easier when you don’t particularly care about the outcome.
-I’ve done this move from Biergarten / Brassmonkey to Le Bain half a dozen times now. I’m getting good at it.
-NYC is the sickest city to game in ever.